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I can go back to China and say that things will turn around.

And I suddenly miss life in my country.
Yeah, he’s a fugitive …
Ye Xiangyuan pulled me back into her arms and kissed me on the forehead. "We will go back."
I leaned against his chest for a few seconds and asked him, "Are we going to stay in the castle next?"
He stroked my back and whispered, "Well, stay here for a while … sleep well."
So I shrank into his arms and fell asleep slowly.
I would have been calm for a few days after a thrilling night.
I didn’t know that the next day I just came back from a walk with Xiaojin and saw a car drive into the castle.
spa会所The car stopped and Gu Changyu came.
I was very surprised.
What surprised me even more was that Li Mulin was sitting in the driver’s seat.
It turns out that he left yesterday to pick up Gu Changyu instead of running away?
I silently looked at Gu Changyu.
She was wearing a long white dress, full figure, supple long hair and skirt, blushing in the wind, and the morning light was even more beautiful.
When she saw me, she smiled and came over to greet me. "It’s been a long time."
I mumbled something at the corner of my mouth, but I couldn’t even say a word.
Thank you, shallow 5 rice balls! ^^
Chapter 35: You divorced Sam.
Li Mulin came over to Gu Changyu and smiled apologetically at me. "Sister-in-law, I brought the little fish."
I turned my eyes to him and still didn’t know what to say
Gu Changyu came out and said, "I don’t blame Mulin for secretly asking him to pick me up and not letting him tell you."
I pursed my lips and remained silent.
Gu Changyu glanced at me and smiled and asked, "Where is Ayuan?"
I looked at her silently.
After the video incident, she yelled at me. She should be ashamed to see me again or completely tear her face off. I never thought that she could greet me casually as if we were still close friends.
Section 32
But I can also see that she is careless about me and doesn’t take me seriously.
She asked Ye Xiangyuan at first, because she was sure that Ye Xiangyuan still occupied a more important position than me, so she would despise me …
What about Ye Xiangyuan? What will be the reaction?
He seems to have received the news from the country to talk about things with Pan Dong’s room.
How would he look if he saw Gu Changyu?
I was in a trance for a moment.
Or did Xiao Jin hold my hand and let me come to my senses?
I looked at Li Mulin and said, "I don’t blame you."
Then I took Xiao Jin to the castle and ignored Gu Changyu.
I’ve always been a grudge. She caused me to give birth prematurely, and my bad feelings can’t be easily eliminated.
What is Ye Xiangyuan’s attitude towards her? Is it still beyond my control? If Ye Xiangyuan is angry with my attitude towards Gu Changyu, I don’t think I need to go with him again.
Xiaojin obediently followed me and didn’t talk to Gu Changyu.
I suddenly felt a little embarrassed.
After all, this is a personal feud between Gu Changyu and me, but Xiao Jin has been in contact with Gu Changyu since childhood, and Gu Changyu should also have feelings.
It’s not my intention to let a child get caught.
I immediately let go of Xiao Jin’s hand.
Xiaojin grabbed me and motioned for me to squat down. It seems that she has something to say to me.
I hurriedly bend my knees to listen.
Xiaojin whispered in my ear, "Mom told me that Aunt Xiaoyuer did something wrong to make my brother ill. I don’t want to talk to her until Aunt Xiaoyu admitted her mistake … Do you think Xiaojin is sexual?"
I didn’t expect my sister-in-law to say these words to Xiao Jin, who was shocked.
Then the eyes ached.
When Ye Jia was two years old, I experienced too many hardships. Maybe I haven’t finished getting Ye Xiangyuan’s heart, but it is enough for me to remember my life if I can get the approval from my sister-in-law and Xiaojin.
I tried to hold back tears in my eyes and rubbed my head. "Xiao Jin is a principled boy."
Actually, I don’t want Xiao Jin to know these things, nor do I want to teach him hatred, nor do I want to keep him away from Gu Changyu.
But when Sister-in-law and Xiaojin said these things, they wanted to treat Xiaojin as an adult, and I didn’t want to put in a good word for the Virgin Gu Changyu.