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"It seems that it’s time to talk to you. Scarlett takes care of Chris."

"Sister Yi, I will take good care of it." Carrie picked up Chris and walked to the hall.
Can Lanxun be advanced [Longhua] now?’
I don’t know, even I can’t be advanced [Longhua], but there is another way if you have to try.’
What method?’
You? What does this mean?’
Blend with me, this is the only way, but after blending, we can never be separated. I don’t really want to blend with you, and I …’
After forever inseparable? This is a problem. Is there no other way?’
Yes, but …’
What can we do now that we have a quick answer?’
Marry me’
"Marry me, and I’ll merge with you if you promise."
Do you want to know this? You are a dragon, I am a person, and …’
And what didn’t you see you now? Which part can say you are human? There is not much time for you to promise or not to promise.’
Okay, what do I promise to do?’
You don’t move to look at me’
As soon as Lan Xun finished speaking, I felt that my body had changed, and my back wings were actually recovered. My body began to shrink, and a pair of enlarged antlers grew on my head. After shrinking, my skin began to grow longer, and my skin split like a hard plate, and four African claws emerged from my body.
Mu Haoer watched me change and didn’t stop it at all, because she was too clear about her own strength, which was not predicted by modern human beings.
The pain in my body soon disappeared. When I opened my eyes, I saw my body. What kind of dragon was it? I’ve never seen a dragon before. I never even thought that a dragon could be like this.
The memory of Lan Xun and my memory overlap, and I know what I am now. This is a kind of dragon with five claws. This dragon lives in the depths of the universe, and this dragon will come to the planet when it is born, and when the planet is destroyed, the species will break through the cocoon and become a new’ golden dragon with five claws’.
"This is your trick? Are you kidding? What can Yi Long-shaped monsters do to me? Now I am the strongest in this world, "Mu Haoer said dismissively.
I’m smiling. Of course, others think it’s just that the dragon’s mouth is open. I’ll show you how powerful the five-claw golden dragon is, opening its huge mouth and spitting out a ball the size of a football. This is the only weapon of the five-claw golden dragon, the Dragon Ball!
Face upwards ao-ao, a body whirls around Mu Haoer, and the dragon ball keeps blinking. The dragon ball shadow flashes in the spacious hall.
"Trick" Mu Haoer stretched out his hands, and the blue light was like a soul. The dragon ball was pursued in the hall. Whenever a blue light caught up with the dragon ball, it was a little dim and flew around Mu Haoer. From time to time, my strong tail swept to Mu Haoer, but it seemed that strong momentum reached the blue light protection range, and I was turned back by Mu Haoer with a light cut, which made me angry.
Am I so miserable? No, I would never agree.
But is there any other way? The strongest dragon ball root can’t get close to her. She looks strong, and her body doesn’t care for her at all. Is this what the Snow Queen said about growing up?
"We have arrived at the gate. Shall we go in now?" Iron man asked at the door.
"No, wait, it’s nothing even if we go in now. Just now, you also saw that the group of monsters suddenly appeared and said that someone stopped us from moving forward, but the soldiers, soldiers and rain are not elegant and I don’t know where to go. There are only a few of us left. We should seriously consider how to get to the back road."
桑拿会所Everyone deeply felt that the present situation was not optimistic, and interjected, "It’s time to give us a weapon left in the face of the disease."
"Well, divide the remaining people into three groups. You are in charge. Finally, I will lead the team to play striker Xi Hakuei. How about you meet?"
Disease method hasn’t finished yet. Leaf’s sad eyes made disease method shudder and immediately changed to "It’s hard for you to assassinate you in the evening, so you can leave your helper there in the evening."
"Let’s go!" The first order of the disease brought the remaining knight lords and the Temple Crusaders into the gate, and after five minutes, Xixi and the assassination also brought the second batch into the Iron Man Belt, but the third batch did not enter for a long time and an unimaginable thing happened.
————-reading recommendation: to worship the romantic empire.
Chapter 11 Making God (2)
In front of the gate stood a man who should never have been here, Lan Fengyun Locke, and another man was impressively an iron man.
"President Locke, you’d better find a way. Now the situation inside should be almost mastered, right?"
Locke laughed. "Of course, how can our dark society be so simple? The power has been mastered by us, and now all that is left is the final restriction."
"Oh, that’s great, and it won’t cost me ten years’ profit to make this game. Otherwise, we really can’t get in."
"Two happy too early? We can’t relax our vigilance until the power reaches us. Let’s discuss what we should do one by one. "
Locke and Lan Fengyun also felt a little arrogant.
"Of course, who would have guessed that Brother Iron Man was the owner of the family? Haha, I don’t think those guys who broke their heads would have thought that your daughter was really good and mastered the’ power’ so quickly!"
"Don’t be too happy. It’s just an adopted daughter. Now we need to install the equipment to limit’ strength’ as soon as possible. Why don’t we set it here?"
Lan Fengyun asked doubtfully, "Do you really set up equipment here? What if they don’t come out or have it to send some? "
Locke laughed when he heard it. "You are really busy, President of Blue University. How can you forget who is the power?"? Don’t the iron man brothers just say a word? "
Lan Fengyun realized that he was worried when he heard it.