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Chapter 33 The ball attracts attention

See the ball into the net Lu Wenbin immediately shout a turn teammates to celebrate.
桑拿论坛Commentators from all over the world also roared to pay tribute to Lu Wenbin’s 11 goals in the Champions League in a single season and the 4 th goal in the year.
One more goal will tie Van Nistelrooy’s single-season goal record of 12 goals and Gadmull’s annual total goal record of 5 goals.
Many people expect Lu Wenbin to equal or break the record, but today’s heavy rain has really had a serious impact on both sides, including Lu Wenbin.
Lu Wenbin never made it in the fourth minute of the half-court after the volley.
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The total number of goals scored in the year is temporarily stopped by 4 goals.
Good Glasgow Rangers didn’t score either.
Finally, Hoffenheim won a small victory away from home, scored three points and scored 15 points in the fifth victory of the Champions League group stage.
At the same time, in another group match, Seville actually lost to Unioria, and Unioria surpassed Seville by 7 points and jumped to the second place in the group by 6 points.
Seville, from La Liga, has the risk that the group will not qualify.
The final round of the group stage is Hoffenheim against Unirea Seville against Glasgow Rangers.
If Hoffenheim is locked in the first place in the group and deliberately loses to Uniria, Seville will win the third place in the group to play in the Europa League no matter what the match between Seville and Glasgow Rangers is.
This suspicion is quite unpleasant. Seville can expect Hoffenheim not to release water in the last round.
Lu Wenbin scored 1 goal, won 10,000, won 20,000, and got a total of 30,000 experience rewards. The experience of the system rose by 17 levels, 3.995 million.
Although there was no tie record or a total goal record, Lu Wenbin kept refreshing the continuous goals in various competitions, 11 goals in the Champions League and 4 goals in the year, and gained heavy media coverage after the game.
After all, four goals a year is already a data that people can stop at the mountains.
It is possible that Lu Wenbin can surpass Muller’s annual record of five goals in one game.
Ralph gave the team a day off after returning to Germany.
Then on November 2 nd, Hoffenheim played Dortmund at home in the 14th round of Bundesliga.
This game is just like a Champions League game. The weather is bad, and Rinkar County is covered with heavy rain.
Nevertheless, the game has attracted much attention.
Not only are the stands almost full, but fans wearing raincoats or umbrellas also have to watch the ball live, and dozens of national TV stations broadcast the ball live, and hundreds of reporters from the world media report it live.
In addition to being suspended for three Bundesliga games at the beginning of the season, Lu Wenbin has not failed to score in his game last season.
Lu Wenbin has achieved the horror record of scoring goals in more than two games in league, cup, Champions League and national team since he returned from suspension.
If Lu Wenbin continues to score goals in this game, on the one hand, he will continue to score more goals in a row, on the other hand, he will be less equal to Gadmull’s annual goal record of 5 goals.
So the ball is eye-catching
At 15:3 local time, with the whistle of the referee, the match of Hoffenheim vs Dortmund officially started in heavy rain.
Even in the rain, Hoffenheim didn’t give up their 433 attack formation.
However, after a rainy battle, Iankel was a little cold and missed a game. Simunic’s partner Nihlsson started the double central defenders, and the tacit understanding was somewhat reduced.
In the 12th minute, Hoffenheim didn’t score a goal at home. Dortmund, Charley Simunic and Nihlsson took the lead in scoring the goal. The goal was their center barrios.
Only a few hundred visiting fans in the stands suddenly cheered in the heavy rain, and Dortmund players also rushed to celebrate in the heavy rain.
However, Hoffenheim equalized the score in less than a minute.
In the 21st minute, Eduardo was pulled down by Dortmund defender schmelzer when he broke through in the frontcourt, and he won a goal in the frontcourt.
It is not easy to score goals in sports in heavy rain, but bug’s general Italian ball skills will not be disturbed much
After Lu Wenbin started the Italian ball system skill, he controlled his body and kicked a curved ball into Dortmund’s goal.
Although goalkeeper Wei Dengle made a save, he couldn’t help but watch the ball fly into the net from his eyes.
In the 21st minute, Lu Wenbin equalized the score with a direct ball from Hoffenheim, and the score was 11.
Of course, the most important thing is not that Lu Wenbin Hoffenheim equalized the score, but that Lu Wenbin’s total number of goals in 29 natural years reached 5, which tied the record of 5 goals created by Gadmuller in 1972.
When Lu Wenbin intended the ball to fly into the goal, the whole stadium was boiling.
Fans threw away their umbrellas one after another. In the heavy rain, Lu Wenbin’s annual five balls were excited, clapping, cheering and screaming. Lu Wenbin’s name resounded throughout the venue.
All the commentators in the commentary booth and the live broadcast hosts in various countries also shouted wildly.
"The goal is scored."
"Italian ball directly breaks the door"
"Five goals Lu scored his fifth goal of the year, equalling Gadmull’s record of five goals of the year."