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"Oh, well, it’s up to you, Dad. I’m sure you can do it well."

Zhang Xian ended the conversation with a wry smile. Did he tell his father that the hateful guy had robbed him of his first kiss? It seems that my first kiss is finished, and I have to be lost by someone I despise. The more I think about it, the more angry I really want to go over there and beat that guy out. But when I think about his identity and importance, I’d better forget it and be careful. Don’t even give him everything except my first kiss. That would be terrible.
☆        ☆        ☆
I searched my room for three hours, but I still didn’t get any news about Teana, but there was new progress for Li Yueqiang. It turned out that when he was young, he was a’ dream’ enterprise, a small employee specializing in archaeological companies, and this company closed down after Li Yueqiang’s father left, and Li Yueqiang died mysteriously shortly after his father left, leaving Li Yueqiang and his wife at that time when Li Yueqiang was only 15 years old. A year later, Li Yueqiang began his amazing entrepreneurial career.
On the other hand, the results of the investigation on "Oriental Gods" made me realize that this enterprise has too many mysterious colors. It’s really worthy of the name "Oriental Gods". Their chief executive name is Oriental Gods, and I don’t know whether to set off the enterprise name with this name or the original president’s name, and then there is the enterprise name, but after a round of investigation, it can’t be found except the president’s name.
I put my thoughts away and went to bed with the microcomputer. Today, I saw another scene in my dream. Chris and Zhang Xian kept flashing pebbles. In front of my eyes, Chris was soft and beautiful. Zhang Xian was overbearing and clever, each with its own characteristics, and then there was a heavenly dance. It was like riding a toucan and singing a piano. Everything flashed before my eyes like a glance at the lights. I finally fixed the name. I have seen the vague beauty many times. All the ins and outs seem to be because of her. She is so familiar with me that I feel like her, but every day when I arrive here, my consciousness gradually fades.
Chapter 17 Three days
Chapter 17 Three days
The next morning, Zhang Xian still cooked breakfast for me as usual, but my eyes were full of disdain and anger. I wanted to hold her in my arms again, but on second thought, it didn’t seem so good. After all, the other person was a girl. Although no one taught me that men and women were not close, I still knew such common sense things, but it was difficult on impulse.
After she left, I started me again
☆        ☆        ☆
In the game, a man in a suit is reporting something to the soldiers in the main city of Linbing, a small town attached to the capital.
"President, you can’t always play games, but also manage the company’s specific business operations."
"How much turnover did you say was higher this month!" Seeing this middle-aged man who belongs to himself and is his guardian, Linbing is annoyed that he is over 26 years old and still has to take care of others. The management performance of a company has risen, so there are so many words to say. Of course, these promotions are for an hour or two after Linbing’s spare time, so he can finish all the things in the company, meet guests and hold important meetings, and just leave them to the subordinate to do his own policy of grasping major policies.
"The monthly turnover is 5% higher, but the president, you always play games. If people know about it, it can be …"
"Line line so many words at ordinary times haven’t said enough to enter the game without telling me. Anyway, the company’s performance has to go up. What can I do? Didn’t you see that I was the president of the first guild in the game? There are more things inside than outside. How can I manage so much outside? "
"It seems that there is some light and heavy."
"I don’t know what is light and what is heavy? I don’t know how the old man sent you such a long-winded person to spy on me. "
"The president is not monitoring, but monitoring."
"That’s not the same! Oh, forget it. I haven’t finished telling you a hundred words. I’ll line you up again. I’ll cut you down now. Anyway, it’s the game. Don’t let me be the last trick! "
☆        ☆        ☆
Tianwu, a small town affiliated to Ji Fen, is gathering in the third city. All the officers and important members of the Wonderland Girls’ Union have held a special meeting. The topic is impressively that I will discuss how to deal with the elegant player.
"Everyone knows that this player’s behavior seriously hurts women’s dignity. Although the series has been cancelled, our alliance has not yet decided how to deal with this matter. Please give us an opinion."
First of all, two vice presidents spoke-"Xi Xi". "President, I insist on killing him back to the first level. I believe he has already practiced high again, right? Moreover, I seriously despise the practice of exchanging unified punishment for other players’ weapons and equipment. "
Vice President Er Ye, that is, the disease method, molested the dancer and said, "I don’t agree that since Tong has forgiven him, we don’t need to take care of this at all, and we haven’t seen that princess at all. It’s hard to say what’s tricky and elegant in it. Is that player still a beginner? Do you think about how capable the beginner can be? "
One of the officers said, "I don’t have much ability for beginners. I agree that the first place in the challenge LV7 level is beginners, which proves that beginners are not necessarily weak."
"The beginner is probably elegant, and I don’t know who couldn’t see the screenshot clearly at the beginning, which made us busy for a while."
Maybe we should ask each other face to face. Maybe it’s not what we think.
Tianwu couldn’t come to a conclusion when he saw the people in the meeting talking endlessly. He couldn’t help shouting "Stop!"
Immediately, the whole meeting room stopped quarreling.
"Since everyone can’t come to a final result, let’s just forget it. Whatever you want to do in your heart must be done in your own name. After that, we don’t care about it. Now our guild is the first. We must strengthen the recruitment of people and training to help the battle formation." Tianwu glanced at the seats and everyone continued, "How are you recruiting people manually?"
"The president has recently joined the game, and the players are gradually increasing. The recruitment is very smooth."
"Leaf you trainer? Have you chosen the professional collocation? "
"President, everything is going on. I believe that the basic formation will be trained in a few weeks. Then it will be no problem to attack the capital city with that formation."
"Well, do what you have to do. Let’s all go when the elegant events are over."
Tianwu finished and everyone filed away. At this time, Tianwu was left. One person said that Tianwu had an opponent in her eyes. Who told her that she was a loser? Since she entered the game in the second month, she made an attack on the capital city. After the fiasco after the war, Tianwu was bent on attacking the capital.
The elegant event is just a means for her to become famous. However, there are still many players and even more female players because of this event. Now that this matter has passed, it is necessary to think of a means to declare the fairyland girls’ alliance. It has never been interesting to be elegant. This person is just a flash in the pan for her. This countless people can’t afford to lift the waves.
☆        ☆        ☆
In the past three days, I have been practicing day and night, and finally I have practiced LV4 in the last day, and almost all my professional skills have been filled. If I want to practice LV5 again, I can pick up the difference between a wise man and a sage, but it is very big. Look at my current state and I am very satisfied. Now, even if I compete with Tianwu again, I will not fall behind again. The goal of this week’s challenge is to let Tianwu know that he is powerful.
夜网论坛☆        ☆        ☆
In the past three days, I have been searching the Internet for information, by the way, to supplement my lack of social knowledge. In the past three days, Zhang Xian came to my room late, but she was far away from me and didn’t dare to come near me. I tried to talk to her several times, but she ignored me. It seems that I really hurt her, but didn’t she say that she was IQ1? Isn’t EQ (Emotional Intelligence) 1 angry with me for so long?
In the past three days, I have been with Chris for an hour every day. After knowing that she is an NPC, my attitude towards her is completely different. It is still good to cuddle from time to time. Although I still talk about whether I love her or not, I occupy a very important position in my heart. After all, I have been made since I was fifteen years old, and few people are so sincere to me. Even if she is an NPC, I will recognize her.
Chapter ten wings
Chapter ten wings
I can say sorry when updating because I’m not sure! For the time being, there is not a day to update one chapter. The thing is that the second chapter will update the speed of the third chapter one day after the new list!
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Chapter ten wings
When I entered the game on the third day, Ma received a message about the disease. He said that he would take an exam today and might not come until noon. In the message, he also asked me when I would train together. I was so despised by a 9-level guy who called me a 6-level person to train together, which seriously discriminated against his wisdom. Of course, in the message, Chris accounted for almost half of it. I really doubt how Tong could make such a real NPC, but how could I enjoy the beauty’s favor if it was not made by Tong? Ha ha! However, one of the messages was left by the dark fire in the challenge. I feel good about this assassin, and I need help urgently. I haven’t solved this problem yet.
I sent a message back to Dark Fire, and made an appointment to meet at a hotel called Kecha in the northeast of the capital at noon. After that, I went to all Tianjin in Chris. Now the Tianjin body guard NPC knows who I am and is very polite to say hello first, which greatly * * * * my vanity.
Soon I went outside Chris’s room and heard "ha ha ha ha" laughing inside. I wondered what was so funny. When I opened the door, I was shocked to see the scene in the room.
Chris is still wearing that white half-length feather dress, with long shiny hair and her face on her side. That’s not the point. The point is that she has a pair of snow-white wings on her back, just like an angel. At first glance, she is a female angel in front of my eyes.
Chris was shocked when she saw me come in. Hehe, she chuckled and twisted around me. Her hands held my neck, and the snow-white wings wrapped us up. I felt her soft body and those wings were slightly warm, and I felt a kind of unspeakable comfort.
"Have you finished leng? Don’t be a gawk for so long. "
"Oh no Chris, why do you have wings?"
"Do you want to know? This is conditional. "
"conditions? What conditions? "
"I’ll tell you when you close your eyes!"
I closed my eyes in accordance with the words. Within a second, I felt that my lips were tightly attached to two equally hot lips. After I tasted kissing Zhang Xian, I really didn’t like this mouth-to-mouth feeling. When I gave a warm response, Chris’s kiss was almost intoxicated. When I was about to further infringe on my tongue, Chris’s lips left me. I suddenly felt a false feeling. It should be that the girl appeared blurred eyes and I actually appeared. But what’s the matter? I like this kiss very much. It feels great.
"Why do you stay in a daze?"
I didn’t come to my senses until Chris said it. I scraped her nose gently (I don’t know when it became a habit) and held her shoulder and asked, "Where did Chris learn these things to cheat boys?"
"What cheat the boy? Don’t you like it? Why is it different in "100 secrets of boy communication"? "
Sweat, what is this? I haven’t seen it, but if I want to see it, I should also watch "One Hundred Secrets of Girl Communication". I haven’t seen it normally, but I still want to thank it for letting me enjoy a round. But how do I feel that Chris enjoys the feeling more than me?
"Chris, what happened to your wings?" I said, stroking the snow-white wings gently, saying that it feels really good.
"This? Guess! "