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Even in the Star Game, the group stage and the semi-final were in full swing. It was these three games that the ghost was beaten and the audience was beaten.

Now the ghost is bloody, and the audience is alert. They like the team shouting and looking forward to the miracle.
"Is there a chance? ! Is there a chance? ! "Xiao Chengjiang asked Lu Zhan that this raid also ignited his hope for the nether world and empathized with lpl players. He asked twice.
"I really want to say" Lu Zhan shook his head.
The audience rekindled their hopes for the nether world, but Lu Zhan despaired of the nether world for the first time at that moment.
The so-called bystander Qing Lu Zhan has seen behind this group battle.
"The tree probably didn’t expect to be seconds, but after this time, the opposite side may not suffer because there are four displacement skills in the nether world, and three big moves have been made. Unless you retreat quickly, there is such a big equipment gap. The result of this team battle will still be lost, but the nether world is very difficult to gain an advantage, and it is too difficult for them not to actually die." Lu Zhan said slightly.
Will you lose if you go back and fight?
Xiao Chengqiang never doubted the tactical analysis of Lu Zhan. Although he didn’t understand it, Bai Lu Zhan said it was right. But would the nether world choose not to fight this group?
What happened in the camera told him not to.
The Ghost Living Five are obviously going to pursue the victory and kill the big tree. Five people will immediately move to Dalong Canyon. Their idea is very simple. At the very least, let’s fight a half-blood dragon before Dalong takes off!
As a result, to the unexpected, sk1 people not only did not escape, but also reflected on their arrival.
The two teams met at the fork in the road to the half-area red buff
Nobody wants to leave. Nine people quickly fought together.
Su Huanjen Pan Sen top front "when" a dizzy ritz and output.
But at this point, Ritz had already gained meat. There was no big move. The ghost didn’t kill Ritz for the first time, but Ritz woke up and hit him back.
Ray, blue light, pieces of the ghost array light up, and the ghost people start to lose blood quickly, and the output firepower of his position is also coming.
Everyone is targeting Su Huanjen. Obviously, he just set up a deception tree to make these people want revenge.
At this time, there is not much technical content, and there is a fight for blood.
Su Huanjen, however, was not afraid to attack each other at the front, and so were his teammates.
The country’s first auxiliary eyi topped the second position, and the country’s first wilderness efeng has already entered the enemy line.
This is the last professional competition trip for these two people. If they lose this game, it will be their last game. They tried their best in this team battle.
However, Ritz was too meaty, and the gap in equipment suppressed their output, so it was easy to kill Ritz, but there was a spider in the front row behind him.
After all, Sanfatan is better than their array. There are so many tanks, and it is enough for South Korea’s ad big mouth to output safely at the back.
One kill, two kill, three kill. Pan Sen took three kill.
At the same time, Mouth got four kills.
Including Persson, four members of the Ghost Team have been killed, while sk1 has lost one.
In the face of this ending, the audience was stunned and didn’t know what to do at this time.
"Team battles have been played well enough, but the equipment gap is too big." Lu Zhan shook his head.
It’s a flash. The ghost on the screen has left Pan Sen alone
Chapter 763 The hero is dying
Su Huanjen didn’t give up. He faced each other alone, and the three of them were still making the final output, but everyone knew that he couldn’t get it up.
No matter how well you fight, it is hard to resist the equipment gap between the two sides. This battle not only failed to pursue the victory, but also may lose more important things.
Pan Sen is dead, and Su Huanjen can’t turn the tide alone.
SK1 took this opportunity to directly push ad back to the Ghost Heights, and they broke down the defensive tower with a wave of soldiers and began to dismantle the crystal.
By this time, the earliest death of the ghost, efeng, had come out. He fucked himself to fight the blind monk to defend the crystal all the way.
However, SK1 players are addicted to seeing people come out and haven’t left yet. efeng was so anxious that the blind monk chased him with a kick.
But as soon as I arrived in Leeds, a blind monk was stably controlled.
Skill minus D Passive Ritz’s big move D is too short. This time, it is played with big move skills. The blind monk’s blood volume has been lost. South Korea’s ad and auxiliary and output cooperate with each other to once again kill the blind monk for seconds.
There was a sound of regret in the audience. The blind monk was killed from kicking to coming without making an output, which made them feel depressed and the crystal was dropped.
The general trend is gone. This is what all the audience have been thinking about, and this situation will be confirmed after the performance of a word.
Unless SK1 makes a big mistake, the nether world can’t make a comeback, but will they make a mistake?
At the bottom of the broadcast screen, there are close-ups of the players in the small and medium-sized windows. They seem to be relaxed and can’t wait to win the championship trophy.
Look at their stable mentality, and everyone realizes that the ghost is really over …
No one doubts that the world series will once again fall to the finals.
It’s that the players in the nether world haven’t given up today’s frequent mistakes, and the newcomers are still looking for opportunities.
Every team battle that followed, the nether world grabbed a very beautiful first hand, and even though the equipment was poor, they tried their best to do the team battle.
It’s a pity that the array gap is too big. With the three Fatan departments being very fleshy, it is difficult to kill people.
In 32 minutes, the three paths of the nether world were broken, and all the players persisted, but they were able to save the day.
In 33 minutes, the team battle of the nether world failed again. SK1 spider hung himself up arrogantly and rushed to the new couple who returned to the spring to be single.
"Being abused by the spring!"
China fans can’t accept this scene. It’s like hanging a primary school student.
喝茶约茶A wave of super soldiers came to the hometown of the underworld to explode the picture. When the frame was fixed, many players in the underworld had not yet come back to life
At the end of the game, the pilot cut out the game screen and pointed the camera at the player SK1 from both sides. The people there were very excited, but it was dead here.
Efeng and eyi are a pair of brothers, both burying their faces in their hands and sitting in the middle of the new couple, Shan could not help crying.
Of the five people, he is the most violent. He knows that he has to bear a lot of responsibility for losing the game, but even if he takes the blame himself, he hopes that the ghost will win.
Among the ghosts, there is Su Huanjen with a calm back chair.
Su Huanjen, a famous player in the world lol world, is well known to all who watch the live broadcast, regardless of the enemy or their own people, I am afraid they want to see Su Huanjen’s mood at this moment.
However, no one can read anything from his calm face.
SK1 shook hands, too. They were thinking about the trophy. No one communicated with the ghost more symbolically and left.
Su Huanjen has been sitting quietly like this without looking at them.
Eyi got up and patted him on the shoulder and said a few words of comfort to him. He looked up and saw Su Huanjen open his mouth but didn’t know what to say.