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Lin IELTS is getting closer and closer to the minimum time limit given by the doctor. If you wait until david’s election, will it come?

How can everything be so coincidental? Allen can leave at the latest on the day of david’s election!
If only it were a little later, even a day later!
Mu Chuan saw that she hesitated, and he felt that it was almost enough to say. She would definitely give him a result tonight at the latest!
The man got up and said, "Think about it. After all, I like Allen very much, and he likes me very much. Although this method is a strategy, it is the only way to solve your problem at this time!"
Get up. He goes out with his cell phone.
Muchuan quickly booked a plane ticket.
At that moment, his hands were shaking …
He has made two preparations, and she will probably agree to his proposal, but there is still the possibility of refusing it, but there is no air ticket. He doesn’t care!
As soon as he left, the whole room left her swinging alone.
But the more quiet she is, the more afraid she feels.
After all, she couldn’t help calling david. She had never been so afraid to get through to a call.
Hold the hand and shake it all the time. It’s been ringing for a long time, and finally it’s answered over there.
桑拿But the sound made lily Ya’s whole heart sink.
Lin Ya eagerly asked with the last fantasy, "Is it convenient for david to answer the phone now? Is it not convenient for the other party to see me? "
Lily replied, "I’m sorry he went to the meeting yesterday and hasn’t come back yet. I guess you won’t see him before the election."
Disappointment struck Lin Yashen in an instant.
Hang up, she’s more six gods.
About thirty minutes later, Allen was pushed back to the ward
Lin Ya looked at him and felt that the child seemed to be paler and his eyes could not stop red.
Allen held out a small hand to hold her pale lips and smiled. "Mommy, I don’t hurt you. Don’t worry."
Lin Ya almost shed tears when her nose was sour. When she was good, she controlled her mouth and said, "Well, Mommy knows that Allen is the bravest!"
The little guy raised his hand and said happily, "Mommy, when I’m ready, shall we go to the amusement park?"
Lin Ya smiled bitterly. "Well, I’ll wait for you."
Muchuan went out for a long time and didn’t go back to the ward. When the man felt that he needed to give it to her, he thought clearly.
He reappeared at about three o’clock in the afternoon. Lin Ya had searched everywhere, but no one could help.
Seeing her come in, she went out with her bag.
I went to david and Alice, but they didn’t
I think Alice has an appointment with david at this time, and the election is very busy.
At six o’clock in the evening, she received a message from Muchuan, and he couldn’t help calling her after all.
The man whispered through the receiver, "Have you thought about it?"
She should have refused, but she has already taken the road and lost her refusal.
At that time, deep eyes looked out of the window in front of the sofa in Muchuan ward and said, "Is it difficult? Haven’t you decided whether to save him or not? "
Lin Ya doesn’t like the way he talks. "Muchuan, you know that’s not why I hesitate!"
"Hmm" Mu Chuan should be silent for a long time, and then speak again in a warm and magnetic voice. "Get married. I will listen to you after marriage."
He doesn’t know how hard it took him to suppress the excitement in his tone!
Lin Ya-hsin’s heart sank and there was a steady stream of traffic in front of her eyes, but she didn’t hear what he had just said.
There was no response from her for a long time, and he finally could not help but sigh and compromise, saying, "Then one year. If you feel unhappy afterwards, it won’t be difficult for you to leave me."
I don’t know how long it will be before he goes. He won’t wait for her answer.
But I heard a few inaudible "good"
Muchuan holds the words and raises a satisfactory radian with a tight thin lip.
"Well, pass me your things. I need to go back as soon as possible."
Then she asked softly, "Don’t you want me to go back with you?"
She seems to have to go with two people about the marriage certificate.
Muchuan chuckled, "Do you doubt my ability?"
Lin Ya was dazed, but it should be no problem for him to be able to do such a thing.
The man added, "My plane ticket is late. You’d better hurry."
"Good bye" Lin Ya hung up and stopped a car in a hurry to drive to his small apartment.
A moment later, Lin Ya took something and went to the hospital.
Muchuan has nothing to pack. He has everything with him.