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I thought Han Qingshan said with a smile, "Xiaoyan will live with you and take care of you and your children when the time comes."

This is a bolt from the blue.
I can’t help but stare at my eyes for once.
He asked Xiaoyan to stay with me because he wanted to spy on me.
But Xiaoyan couldn’t wait to kill me. She’s mean and capable of anything …
I’m sure I can’t sleep well if she stays with me.
It happened that Xiaoyan saw me beaten and proudly reminded Jiao Jiao of the red lips. "I will take good care of you."
The malicious meaning in her charming smile made me shudder.
I don’t want to know what she will do to take care of me
My head turned rapidly and ignored her, but turned to Han Qingshan to sneer at "I already understand what you want to do, but I want to remind you that I am still Ye Xiangyuan’s wife and his nephew is here …"
Speaking of which, I paused to look at his expression.
It’s a pity that his face as usual without any ups and downs.
I gritted my teeth and said, "Have you ever thought about Ye Xiangyuan’s reaction when you do this?"
Han Qingshan smiled slightly. "He must be angry. So what? I have his nephew and his son. Do you think I’m afraid of him?"
He really wanted to threaten Ye Xiangyuan with us.
I squinted at him intensely.
His lips smile more thick "since I have done these things, I am not afraid to talk to Ye Er less."
Section 25
I said, "You really are going for Ye Jia."
Han Qingshan laughed and nodded "yes".
I frowned. "Do you want Ayuan’s life?"
Han Qingshan look at me deeply and didn’t answer my question.
After a while, he said, "These things are all yours. Stay here with peace of mind. If you listen, I will ensure your safety."
I sneer
Is he coaxing children?
I’m Ye Xiangyuan’s wife. How can he and Ye Xiangyuan stay out of it for me?
Besides, there are Xiao Jin and the baby. If they threaten Ye Xiangyuan, I will definitely fight him hard.
What’s more, he let Xiaoyan spy on me.
How can I be safe with Xiaoyan? I have to guard against being killed by her every day.
So he just didn’t let me feel better
About I saw that I didn’t do it. Han Qingshan paused and said, "I came here today to bring Xiaoyan. You are old friends and talk more."
Then he got up and planned to leave.
Xiaoyan smiled at me and replied, "I’ll catch up with her."
I ignored her and stopped Han Qingshan Road to "wait"
Han Qingshan stopped.
夜生活I looked at him and said, "Why isn’t Ji Shu with you?"
Second, he said that Ji Shu would wait for me abroad, but now Ji Shu hasn’t shown up. I’m a little worried that Han Qingshan’s kicking down the bridge is a threat to Ji Shu’s safety.
Han Qingshan smiled and laughed. "He’s fine."
But his tone sounds quite meaningful.
I couldn’t help saying, "What did you do to him?"
"He?" Han Qingshan disdainfully evoked the corners of his mouth. "Don’t worry that he is just an idiot and I never understand an urgent person … I won’t touch him."
I don’t know what, I don’t believe him.
He can benefit Ji Shu once and benefit the second time.
Although Ji Shu is a little confused, I have bad blood with him, but we grew up together. I know that he is not a bad person. If he is so hurt by Han Qingshan or Han Qingshan, my heart will be uneasy.
I took a deep breath and said, "Don’t hurt him … He can’t threaten you …"
Han Qingshan looked at me for a long time and suddenly laughed. "Since you are so interested in Jishu, I will bring him to accompany you."
Chapter 31 Who is in the same boat with you
I am stupefied.
I immediately realized that he saw that I was worried that Ji Shu was going to threaten me with Li Jishu.
Although I have already been monitored by him, one more Jishu will make me think more and be more obedient.
Thinking of this, I simply refused, "No, I don’t know him very well."
Han Qingshan noncommittally looked at me for a moment before leaving.
Xiaoyan and I are left in the living room.
She’s from Han Qingshan. I can’t kick her out. Of course, even if I kick her out, she won’t leave.
But I don’t want to talk to her, let alone stay with her, let alone arrange accommodation for her.
Anyway, there are many rooms in the house, so she can just choose one.
I got up to go back to the building.