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"Goblin, your body likes me!"

Section 27
"You talk nonsense!"
"I can prove it to you!"
"I don’t want to go away … go away …" Night Xihan realized that it was not good to drive him away.
"Goblin, are you deliberately drinking sleeping pills? You wouldn’t come out to see me because you knew I would come in, right? I am afraid that we will do this kind of thing. You will wake your parents too much before you drink it. Am I right? " He vomited evil ambiguous words, which made Ye Xihan want to slap him. If he thought so, he would be wrong. She hated him and didn’t want this person to appear in his mind, so she would drink sleeping pills and sleep. Of course, she wouldn’t tell him what she was thinking. She wouldn’t let him know that. She didn’t care about him.
"get out! Get out of here! " There’s nothing more asshole than him, okay? She tried to do this to her the night before her wedding!
"Ha ha ….. you don’t want me to roll for a while! I will make you comfortable and never leave me again! "
He opened his mouth and lifted her cheek with slender fingers.
Bow your head and kiss her lips.
Ye Xihan wants to push him away, but how can he be energetic? Kissed by him, his face began to look rosy. The most important thing was that his body changed strangely and shamefully because he kissed her.
His low-alcohol voice rang again. "How sensitive! I knew you couldn’t live without me! You like it when I do this to you? Baby, am I right? "
Eyelashes trembled at his words. There is no denying that he touched himself, but she won’t admit it! He hurt her. She shouldn’t be a bitch. She has feelings! Eager to deny this, she woke up a lot "MuLingTian … no! No! You are wrong! "
"Don’t deny it, goblin!" He continued to make the bad guys have needs, and he grasped this point. From this point on, no one can resist the essence of human nature. Since she deliberately rejected her and didn’t want him to get close to her and touch her, he always possessed her body.
Let her body adapt to him first.
It’s not far from the body sinking and centrifugal sinking!
It’s hard to win back her heart just by working hard and quietly. It’s futile for him to do more to make her love her for nothing. Now that she has decided that he is a bad guy and won’t give it to him, it almost turns out that he is not as good as directly dominating and possessing again! Until she is a minister!
Women have sex because of love! Because of love, I thought of giving myself to a man I love deeply!
Otherwise, women are always special to the first man who has his own body! Even if they don’t love each other, they are already this man subconsciously because their bodies are given to each other! And a generation must be this man!
Most women have this idea. This is the so-called place/woman complex!
Especially for this woman, the conservative thought in her bones tells him that she is not so easy to give herself to other men!
He should have done this from the moment she appeared!
But it’s not too late
Since she loves him once, she loves him the second time, depending on his way and method.
Some women get what they need in a more direct way without giving!
He touched the night Xi Han suddenly frowned "Mu Lingtian, if you touch me again, I …"
"You what … huh?" His voice is extremely charming and hoarse.
"I …"
"Goblin, do you want to tell me how many times I touch you? Would you like me to touch you? Are you afraid to like this feeling? "
"You talk nonsense! I … I’m sick of your touch! "
"Baby, have you ever seen an island movie?" He deliberately knew that she was pure in bone.
"You are disgusting …"
"Baby, have you ever seen a wretched man take over a beautiful girl?"
"Shut up!"
"They are also very sick at first, so men touch them! But after a long time, demand will replace the bottom of my heart! Finally, it becomes enjoyment! "
"You said … nausea makes me want to vomit!" Ye Xihan was angry and said something so shameful to her?
He hung down and bit her ear. "Goblin, soon you won’t disgust me, and you will feel better!" " After a pause, he continued, "and once I don’t touch you, you will feel uncomfortable!" " His voice struck her heart.
"you b!" Ye Xihan was angered by his words. Damn it, the most annoying thing is that his body has a reaction at this time!
He teased her with bad taste. "You have feelings, goblin! Want you to say you want it? I will give it to you! "
Night city han stared at him "you b … I don’t want it! You get out of here now … "Sleeping pills put her brain in a dormant state, and it’s much clearer to be angry with him at the moment! I have the strength to fight him.
"Good and strength to hit me? You are also welcome to have the strength to be tossed by me later … "
"Oh, don’t … don’t …" Her name was swallowed by him. He hugged her and kissed her with her little face.
Tonight, he is surprisingly patient. If he doesn’t want her in a hurry, he just touches her body.
She will have physical needs, which is the most powerful thing of human nature. He will make her face her own needs and resist.
From the beginning, she was nervous, repelled, angry and resisted, and her brain turned white with the feeling of lump.
She will never be his opponent in this matter. He can manipulate her as he wants! She can’t do anything at all!
"A leprechaun?" The wild voice of a wild animal echoed in her ears.
"Don’t! If you don’t leave, I will call someone! " She shouted, but she didn’t dare to shine at all. She didn’t dare to shout. She was afraid to wake her parents and let them see this disgusting scene! How embarrassed should I be?
"Baby, don’t suppress that your parents can’t hear you!" Mulingtian has a soft smile and ten thousand kinds of customs.
"What did you do?"
"Nothing is just a little bit of hypnotic drugs … baby, we have to sleep for a night. I’m afraid you’ll be depressed and can’t let go …"
夜网论坛"You bastard!" Ye Xihan was furious and beat her eyelids. A tear fell and she hoarse. "Do you have to do this?"